About Us

BrightAnimal is a two year EU-funded co-ordination and support action project on Precision Livestock Farming (PLF). It will address the potential of PLF to contribute to a more efficient and profitable livestock industry, the optimum use of resources, improved animal health and welfare and to sustainability in agriculture.

BrightAnimal will not initiate new research into PLF. Instead it will conduct a world-wide review of existing research, PLF practices and standards with a view to making recommendations on how PLF can be made more accessible to small and medium-sized producers.

We shall be looking in particular at the application of PLF techniques in dairy cattle, pigs, laying chickens/eggs and fish. We shall be producing Good Practice Guides for these sectors plus a  practical “hands-on” book on PLF which producers can use in their everyday work.

Precision Livestock Farming techniques and technologies have the potential to bring significant benefits to consumers as well as producers. However, these will not be realised unless PLF  becomes effective and acceptable to the primary producer – and this will be a main focus of the BrightAnimal project.